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back to main All sites listed on this page are english and are not in any particular order. ENJOY!
Albia Atlas:A atlas to many creature sites. Duh!
Norno Landia: Norn packs to download, tips/tricks, norn packs, other Creatures downloads. and it's all for the Mac version of Creatures!
The College of Albia:This web site is dedicated to the study of Norns and the Artifical Life game called Creatures.
Slinks Burrow Online:Sandra Linkletters site.has ALL of the wonderfull cobs that she has created,genelab, refference library, creatures pics and more!
Pingz Nornz pagecool cobs!
The Purplewolf projectAn ongoing project, shrubery, downloads and more!.
Creatures Hotellots of clickable maps, Great original cobs! the swat Norn stories, chat
Linda's Creatures pageA small yet attractive Creatures page.
Broods Creatures pageBroods personal cobs including smokes for our Norns!
Hacking Creaturesread the title and I think you will know what this sites about:-)
The Norn Housenot much there YET.
Creatures ManagerieA smallish Creatures page
Chupacas Creatures siteVisit and you shall see~
Foxtails Creatures siteHas a utilities page with all (or most) of cyberlifes utilities and updates, and foxtails Norns.
Caverns Creatures:lots of GREAT cobs created by Marc Boehler!
MacNorns:A very cool MAC Creatures site! has lots of cool stuff for/about Creatures for Mac.
Burgersumthins Creatures page:a really neat Creatures site!
The Hadley ClanNorn dowloads with pics and descriptions of each Norn available.
Ich Bin Ein Norn:Creatures humor, tips and more!
Creatures:Jack's Creatures Site:Dedicated to Visual basic & Creatures
Super happy fun page:*he he* Do the guy a favor and send him your spare change;)
Norn Invasion:The truth is out thereNorns will take over Earth!
The Flip sideExperiments, picture gallery, Flipsides
Flarnys Creatures pageFlarnys Norns, Flarnys tips
Raptor Reds Albian NurseryDownload Raptor Reds Norns
Albia Institute Of Clinical Pathology And Pharmacology Specializes in sick Norns
Creatures Ltd.List of lots of other people's cob/faqs and a big list of links! (I shall fight back and add more links:)
Yer basic Creatures sitea basic Creatures site
Spiffy Norn pageYet another Norn site...but it's a *spiffy* one!
The Norn HospitalBring in your ill Norns and I guess they'll cure em!
The Chronicles of Nornia A Creatures site which is great for those new to Creatures. Find maps/table of herbs/cobs/tips and more
geNorNicsDedicated to deciphering the format and structure of the Norn genome, for the truly mad Creatures scientist or breeder.
The Creatures OasisA nice little Norn oasis with norn/grendal/cob downloads
The Norn Genome project.has Norns with with incredibly weird genes! a list of weird genes with descriptions, and a genome journal
DMN's Creatures pageNorns/Grendles cobs, utilities, pictures, chat..*very* nice
The Creatures CribNorns, cool gifs, soon there should be cobs available
Norns R' UsCreatures Tips, toolsbase, forum, news
PosiCat's Creatures pageobject suggestions, pics, info, multiuser utility
Ashleys Creatures pagesome Norns
Planet Nornssome pretty cool creatures stuff
Creatures in the mistLotsa cute unregistered Norns to download
The Grendal/Grenorn page:Dedicated to Grendal/Grenorns
Breeder:A small, organized Creature page
Strange genes:add some strange genes to the gene pool
Creatures happy funland:tips, dowloads, chat
Norn Area 11:hang out at the Creatures Cafe, the creatures hospital, the Creatures playpen...
Norns and Grendle Paradise.:well read the title.
The Norns Nursing Home.:A site dedicated to the care of handicapped Norns.
The small Creatures Cob download page.:Get the latest Cobs from Stefan Kuske
Blind Chickens Odd Creatures Place:Lot's of incredibly WEIRD Norns
Creatures World 97:Ongoing Norn experiments
Good Norning Institute:This Creatures page is a MUST see to beleive! loads of everything!
Frimlins Kiwi Creatures:This Page ROCKS! We love it! loads of cobs and everything else
The Norn Underground:The owner of this page regularly creates AMAZEING objects and more and posts em on his AMAZEING PAGE!
Creatures on the web:Lots of cool norns to download. more comeing soon
Norn Adoption Clinic:come and adopt some nornsˇ
Lordfly's Creatures Emporium:Another NEW Creatures Page!
Creatures:Zero's Creatures Page!/A>:A new Creatures page! itsagonna be good!
Creatures:MY Computers got a BRAIN!!!/A>:This is a new, great page! norns,tips,cobs etc...where do Norns go when they die?
The Norn Park/A>:WOW Fab Page! Creatures movies, norns, downloads, much much more!
:Listen to reviews of Creatures while you surf the net!
Cumbus's Creatures: Has his/her Norns reveiwed and shown ready to download.
The Creature Exchange: Loads of Norns to download (including some pretty freaky ones) plus tips and info
Norn Express :Creatures page under constuction I think.
Norns Clan:A few norns, tips/hints
*The Norns Cyber Home!: Its back up and runnin better than ever:D
Wim de Waele's Creatures Page: I like this one! Norn adoption center, dowloadable faq, cob files, maps, More
Anventures in Nornsitting!:Describes the lives and personalities (with pics) of their Norns!
Breed's Creature Page: Check it out! objects and norns to dowload, funny trix, info, and more
Official Creature Homepage: I Love This Page!
Matt's Creatures Page: has the story of his norns lives! plus you can download them.
Diana's Creature Page: This one is definently worth a look!
Age of Albia: Zah! I suggest you go here NOW!!!
Norns Usa: Yay Norns Was released in the usa so it will take less time to buy it! (oh ya *ahem* this is a nifty site)
Creatures: The Hatchery: This is an excellent page for creatures lovers everywhere!
Oneilles Creatures Page (Did I spell It RighT?): I give this site a B+
Equinoxes Unofficial Creatures Page: Some downloades.....good page.
Kats Early Adopters Site: This Page Has Everything!
The World Tree: Message Board for Adopters (cool)
Highlanders Creature's Page: This page is dedicated to Immortal Norn's!
Discover Creatures: Pretty Coooool.
Creatures Zone: Lots of Norns and a few grendles to download.
3uds Creatures Home: clicka da linka!
Alexander Lammle's Homepage: Lots of cob files and more
Davidpl's Creatures Page: A nice Creatures page
Pat's Creatures Page: Creatures Chat
Nooga's Guide to Creatures: Cool Page.
Sukey The Cat's Creatures Page: A cat that likes Creatures? oh..there is downloads and stuff:)
Birth's Creature Page: Norn Downloads
The Norn Relm: Yet another page dedicated to the lovable creatures called Norns
Matt's Creature Page: This Page Deserves an Award!
A Creatures Web Page: This one is in both french & English
Dan's Norn's Page: Go look for yourself!

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SCI Creatures: A Creatures page with Hacks and Norns to download
Mindscapes Creatures Page!: The company that will bring creatures to the US
Creatures: The Web Tree Project: This is a sorta new page. It has potential!!
MAD SCIENTISTS Page: The Creatures Page: members of the EA program. (search every nook and cranny for norns!
Rowena's Incubator: This is a new Creatures page. Its a good one.
Emmy's Creatures: I really liked this one! Lots of cool Norns!
10 Lobed Norns: This is a good creatures page with..yup you guessed it! ten lobed Norns.
Katy's Creature Site: Download Katy's Norn family.
Mikes Creatures Page: This has a list of WEIRD downloadable Norns! Do you have a bald Norn yet???
The Norn Adoption Agency: This page is updated daily!
Norns Spain: An excellent Creatures page! it is in English.
Lirans creature's Site: A beautiful page dedicated to our furry friends- Creatures.
Frimlins Nook: Has the story of his Norns!
The New Generation: A NEW Creatures page! I think this'll be a good one:)
The Norn Farm: Pics and discriptions of the Nornfarmers Norns.
Norns ETC.: An exceptional Creatures page! go there:D
Chris Huelsbecks Creatures page:Download chris's norn family.
Creatures Tribes:Join the Creatures Tribes!
enclave 23:Wow this is a rarely known Creatures page!
Nornotek:Wow! I think that i'm the only one to have this page listed...for now at least!
Sarahs Creature shack:Norns to take away
Article1's Creatures Page:The purpose of this site is to produce more of this type of Norn, with white hair and pink ears.
Glens Creatures Page:Download Glens Norns
Nialls Cyber Home:Hopefully more creatures stuff on it's way.

Amanda Penney

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